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GLC 5500 - Ultimate Joint Care Now In New Handy Size

American Thoroughbred Products Ltd have announced the launch of GLC5500 in a handy new pack size. With the cold and wet winter months approaching, joint stiffness in horses of all ages, particularly those in regular work, can be aggravated. The new 450g pack of GLC5500 provides 45 days supply of the very latest development in joint care supplements at an affordable price.

GLC5500 is the first joint supplement to offer a combination of the full spectrum of bio-available glucosamine compounds plus chondroitin sulphate whose functions have already been clearly established. The quality and concentration of ingredients are verified during manufacture using United States Pharmacopoeia testing protocols. Formulated using only active ingredients for maximum uptake and absorption, GLC5500 provides the foundation for optimal joint health.

GLC 5500 has already been hugely successful in the USA and is gaining popularity in the UK. It is widely used by top trainers and veterinary surgeons. Martha Rodgers, equine lameness specialist at Rood & Riddle Veterinary Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky said "GLC's exclusive formula takes a logical approach to oral joint supplementation. The higher concentrations provide the proper ratios to benefit developing and mature cartilage."

In the UK, Caroline O'Hara of New Priory Stud, Hampshire, says. "We have been feeding GLC5500 to our 4 dressage stallions, 3 of which are 17 years old, since December 2002 and we are delighted with the results. They are clearly more comfortable and have regained the natural joint flexibility they had as youngsters. I would recommend GLC5500 to anyone who wants to maximise the joint performance of their horses".

GLC 5500 is also supplied in 907g packs that will last one horse for 90 days at the suggested feeding rate. For more information, call the UK distributors, American Thoroughbred Products Ltd, on 01985 844613.


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Updated: October 2005.