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"Self Defense for Trail Riders" training video

These days we are all concerned with our personal safety. While there are many ways to be safe in our homes, our places of work, and some parks and recreation areas, there are few safety measures for us when we are out on the trails with our horses. Many women ride alone or in pairs and are vulnerable to attack, especially on trails in more urban settings.

Scot Hansen, a former mounted police officer and an accomplished clinician and natural horseman, developed a clinic to help riders defend themselves while horseback riding on the trails. Riders have responded well to Scot’s “Self Defense on the Trails” classes. And inquiries have been coming in from all over the U.S (and the world, in fact) to schedule clinics and get more information. One of the most common questions has been, “Do you have a video or book on this?” Even people who had been through the class wanted something that they could take home to review and practice with.

This approximately 45 minute video provides information in an easy-to-follow instructional format that focuses on various techniques that riders can use. For example, instead of simply whirling their horse and galloping away, viewers learn how to anticipate trouble, what to say, how to react, and how to use their horse to their advantage. The video explains the theories and maneuvers needed to stay safe and out of reach of an assailant. Viewers will learn how to use the power of their horse to help them, building assurance in themselves and confidence in their horse.

The techniques are broken down so that you can easily see how to position yourself and what aids you need to give your horse. Topics covered include:

· How to recognize a predator
· What to say and why to say it
· How to keep from being pulled off your horse
· When to use a spin
· When to trap
· Using the power of the horse’s hindquarters
· When to strike and how
· What equipment works best
· Using your horse to defend you from an attacker after you’ve dismounted
· And much more

The information in this video is a benefit to anyone riding the trails, whether you ride alone or with a friend. The opening scene will definitely get your attention.

Everyone who has gone through one of Scot’s self defense clinics has had their eyes opened to the power of their horse, and you will, too, when you watch this tape.

The video retails for $39.95 (U.S.) plus shipping and handling (sales tax charged for all orders in WA state). To order on-line, visit www.HorseThink.com.


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Updated: October 2005.