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Results of Mundole Equestrian Winter Series

Mundole Equestrian held a very successful day of showjumping and dressage. It was the last British Dressage competition of the year to be held at Mundole. Dressage judges were Shona Mckenzie from Muir of Ord and Fiona Meiklejohn from Rafford.
Claire Sim from Banchory won both Novice classes on Soxx. Local rider, Elizabeth Leslie on Collective Effort, came first in one Elementary class and equal first with Elaine Taylor from Dingwall in the second. Avril Johnstone on winning form took first place in the Unaffiliated sections of the Elementary and Medium classes riding Murphy and Independent Archie.

Sue Jardine from Grantown with Shelt now heads the Dressage Leaderboard pushing Minette Maclennan on Maximum Impact from Muir of Ord into second place. Gill Teft with Red Dwarf has moved up to third place ahead of Linda Davidson on Blake.

The showjumping arenas had ideal conditions for some very good competitions. Louise Downie (Josh) and Lisa Dean (Red Savannah) are new qualifiers for the Pony Club Dengie Feeds Final at Gleneagles in March.

Dressage Results: Prelim 7 Affiliated 1 Helen Wilson (Cleavendyke Welsh Maid) Unaffiliated 1eq Emma Douglas (Cartoon Top Cat) and Alison Fraser (Magnum) 3 Sue Jardine (Shelt) Prelim 10 Affiliated 1 Helen Wilson (Cleavendyke Welsh Maid) Unaffiliated 1 Sue Jardine (Shelt) 2 Claire Proctor 3 Emma Douglas (Cartoon Top Cat) Novice 24 Affiliated 1 Claire Sim (Soxx) 2 Elaine Taylor (Tarbets Folly) 3 Celia McGough (Kianna II) Unaffiliated 1 Susan Fraser (Ridinghill Sovereign) 2 Fiona Boyd (Waccabuc Condor) 3 Gill Teft (Red Dwarf) Novice 36 Affiliated 1 Claire Sim (Soxx) 2 Kirsteen Macleod (Indiana Jones IV) 3 Celia McGough (Kianna II ) 3 Elaine Taylor (Tarbets Folly) Unaffiliated 1 Gill Teft (Red Dwarf) 2 Sandra Meston (Ballantyne) 3 Fiona Boyd (Waccabuc Condor) Elementary 44 Affiliated 1 Elizabeth Leslie (Collective Effort) 2 Elaine Taylor (Ramirez) 3 Kirsteen Macleod (Indiana Jones) Unaffiliated 1 Avril Johnston (Murphy) 2 Sue Jardine (Utrillo) Elementary 53 Affiliated 1eq Elaine Taylor (Ramirez) and Elizabeth Leslie (Collective Effort) Unaffiliated 1 Avril Johnston (Murphy) 2 Sue Jardine (Utrillo) Medium 71 Affiliated 1 Elaine Taylor (Ramirez) Unaffiliated 1 Avril Johnston (Independent Archie) Medium 73 1 Avril Johnston (Independent Archie)

Showjumping Results: 0.60 1 Karen White (Western Angel) 2 Ruby Downie (Toby) 3 Jenny Clewlow (Kittywake) 0.70 1 Jayne Mitchell (Clova) 2 Avril Johnston (Lyrem Baroque) 3 Ruby Downie (Toby) 0.80 1 Andrew Mackessack-Leitch (Smokey Og) 2 Rebecca Garner (Quantum Leap) 3 Emma Douglas (Cartoon Top Cat) 0.75-0.90 Incorporating Pony Club Dengie Qualifier 1 Diana McChesney (Blind Fury) 2 Louise Downie (Josh) 3 Lisa Dean (Red Savannah) 1.00 1 Alice Bell (Kamara Tansy) 2 Rebecca Garner (Quantum Leap) 3 Carol Tervet (Newmiln Monte Carlo) 1.10 1 Carol Tervet (Newmiln Monte Carlo) 2 Diana McChesney (Blind Fury) 3 Michelle Chalmers (Jo-Jo) Ring 2 0.45 1 Roseanna Fraser (Nipper) 2 Lynne Wilson (Jack) 3 Roseanna Fraser (Hansel) 0.60 1 Lynne Wilson (Jack) 2 Tracy Mitchell (Archie) 3 Avril Johnston (Lyrem Baroque) 0.70 1 Tracy Mitchell (Archie) 2 Ruby Downie (Toby) 3 Roseanna Fraser (Nipper) 0.80 1 Jayne Mitchell (Clova) 2 Lisa Dean (Glen Silver Spirit) 3 Tracy Mitchell (Clova) TYOL 1 Lynne Wilson (Jack)


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Updated: October 2005.