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Saddle Fit Database Established

WOODSIDE, CA – Dec. 18, 2003

Why do so many saddles NOT “FIT”? Have you ever purchased a saddle that “FITS”? How did you do that? Has anyone ever told you that the saddle fits the horse, but a little later you find that the saddle does not fit? How did that happen?

Saddletech.com, provider of the only horse and saddle measurement instruments that employ the “scientific method”, have launched a new Saddle Fit Database to answer the question:

“Why do so many saddles not fit?

The goal of the Saddle Fit Database is to gather a cross section of both positive and negative Saddle Fitting Experiences in an effort to determine the frequency, severity and cause of poor saddle fit. BY COMPARING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUCCESSFUL AND UNSUCCESSFUL SADDLE FITTING EXPERIENCES THE DECEPANCIES CAN BE IDENTIFIED AND SOLUTIONS FOUND.

A sample of some of the questions are below:

Importance of "Saddle Fit" 1-10 (10 = very) Was owner explained how to FIT saddle?
Who explained FIT and what was said? Was purchase influenced by advertising?
If so, what ad and what was claimed? Was purchase influenced by a person?
If so, what person and what was said? Who determined the saddle's FIT?
How was the FIT determined? Were you told saddle would FIT?
If so, what was said about the FIT? What time to determine saddle did NOT FIT?
How was "NOT FIT" determined & by whom? Was horse injured by saddle that did not FIT?
If so, what was the injury? Was a veterinarian called?
If so, what was Vet diagnosis? Was rider thrown from saddle that did not FIT?
If so, what was the injury? Did saddle that did not FIT cause expense?
If so, what was the expense and how much? Did owner try to return saddle that did not FIT?
Was saddle refit or replaced? Did saddle FIT after refit or replacement?
How was 2nd saddle FIT determined? Was owner told Saddle Pad would correct FIT?
If so, what was said about saddle pad by whom? If so, what saddle pad was used & did it work?
How was the saddle pad FIT determined? Did the vendor refund the price of the saddle?
If so, how much $ and % of original cost? If no refund, what was the reason given?
Does owner's current saddle FIT? How does owner know current saddle FITS?
Importance of FIT after buying saddles 1-10

These are the hard-hitting questions that no one wants to ask, because it will reveal exactly where the problem is. That is exactly why these questions need to be asked, so we can solve the problem and stop injuring the animals and wasting lots of money. There are literally hundreds of websites that will explain how to fit a saddle, but then what? Do these methods actually work? Where is the data?

What happens next or weeks later or months later? Who is collecting that data from the horses, or the equestrians? The Saddle Fit Database is the first opportunity for tens of thousands of equestrians to contribute their “first hand experiences” with saddle fit. Finally equestrians will be able learn the “cause and effect” of particular saddle fitting strategies based on tens of thousands of individual experiences, not just one individual’s or company’s opinion, based on no data.

If you would like to receive an advanced copy of this research paper, you can fill out the simple form, on the web at http:///www.saddletech.com > “information” > “saddle fit database” and contribute your saddle fitting experiences. Once the data is complied you will receive the first edition of this revealing report, by e-mail.

For Further Information Contact: Robert Ferrand - 650-631-8400

2995 Woodside Rd Suite 400 Woodside, CA 94062 e-mail: inventor@saddeltech.com


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Updated: October 2005.