Case Study – Breeze

This is a 7–year-old chestnut mare of hunter type. She is an ex- ILPH horse so one can only guess at the state she must once have been in. On her left fore her hoof is quite badly mutilated by having been caught in barbed wire 3 years ago and although the injury has physically long since healed the scarring to the fetlock and coronet band is very pronounced. The nail bed is also disrupted causing the hoof to grow deformed. She is, however sound. Her left hind hock had also been operated on at some point but there was very little to see visually. She has been with her present owner for the last year and to all intents and purposes looks a picture of health. I was asked to help with several small problems: -

1)Cold back when the saddle was put on

2)Left hind leg not being brought through adequately.

3)Miserable moods, greeting her owner with ears flat back in the morning.

My first task was to assess exactly where the roots of the problems lay. Although I had my suspicions, it is important to keep an open mind. As I began to scan in the energy field above her back she flinched when I got to the area where the back of the saddle would sit. She immediately began to release the energy from this area, so, as she was more than ready to work with me I allowed her to do so and then continued to scan later. I gradually worked my way through the whole of the body. The back gradually cleared itself but there was a lot of disturbance in the energy around the shoulders that was not releasing. Normally, when this happens it means that energy is being held from somewhere else and that you are not at the root of the problem. I moved onto the left fore with all the scarring. This was the release point for the shoulders. Within a few seconds a huge amount of energy began to surge through, it travelled up the leg, into the shoulder and out between the shoulder blades. It also travelled up the neck and into the head and ears. This lasted for several minutes. What had been trapped there since the accident was the memory of all the fear, pain and trauma. One can only imagine how she must have fought to free herself and the force of the pull that must have been exerted in her shoulders. I finished off the remaining areas of minor disturbance and felt that was enough for her to cope with in one go.

I returned a fortnight later to do the second treatment. The owner’s first words were “Well you did something!” After I left she had fallen asleep and laid flat out for half an hour! In the morning she greeted her owner with her ears pricked. She was given that day off and long-reigned the following day. On the third day she was ridden. She accepted the saddle much more readily and as she began to work in the school the left hind came through equally to that of the right.

On beginning the second treatment I noticed that the energy in the back was much more balanced and she did not flinch as my hands passed over her. Although I got some reaction from the left fore it was no where near the same degree as on the first treatment. It also seemed as though the scarring was not so prominent. There was also still some disturbance in the energy in the left shoulder. I spent some time working on both the left foot and shoulder. The left hind interested me as she had picked up a minor injury in the hock area since I last saw her. What can sometimes happen when you release an energy pattern that is long stand is that it tries to re-enforce itself. I suspected this might be the case so when I healed that area I made sure that it was left protected to stop the cycle of re-injury.

On my third visit things were starting to settle down nicely, her back needed very little energy and in the left fore the reaction was reduced still further. The left hind was at that point free from further injury. The cold back had almost gone completely and she was generally much happier in herself.


Most of the problem had stemmed from the injury to the hoof and probably linked in to the ill treatment that caused her to end up with the ILPH. She released the trauma very readily and was probably fed up with the burden. She had found herself in a nice home with a caring and understanding owner. It was time to move on and let the past be exactly that, so that she can enjoy the life she has now to the full.

This article is kindly provided by Alison Hastie MGCP. MAR. PCR. TATh.
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Updated: October 2005.