Equine Reiki Case Studies

Case Study – Cloudy
Cloudy for me was by no means an unusual case. Until recently he had been at a very good and professionally run riding school. However, he had picked up an injury that had rendered him unable to work and the owner had sent him away for a bit of rest and recuperation to see if it would help. I first saw him when he had been resting for 3 weeks. The owner had come to the conclusion that cloudy was not happy in the riding school and thought he would be better off in a private home.
There were several things that were apparent about Cloudy.
1. There was a "stirring" action with the right hind leg that would have made it impossible to pass a vetting.
2. He was roach backed.
3. He could not cross through when spun in a circle in either direction.
4. He could not stand with his hind legs square.
5. He seemed generally quite depressed despite the 3 weeks of freedom.

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Case Study – Garth
I seldom go out to a horse with many preconceptions but have to admit that I went to Garth with a degree of trepidation. He came with a fearsome reputation for putting people in hospital and I did not relish becoming his next casualty. He had put his owner in A & E 4 times and several others too. Consequently he was in DIY livery with only the owner taking care of him. Although he had improved over the period of the 12 months that she had owned him, it was clear that he still had a long way to go.
Garth had been purchased from a dealer as a 6-year-old. He is a 17hh handsome bay gelding. The owner had been new to this country at the time and was finding her feet. It was very quickly obvious when she got him home that he had been drugged when she had first looked at him, in fact he was in such a bad way that the Vet's advice had been to put him down.

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Red’s Sarcoids
When treating horses I am normally asked to help sort out strange behaviour patterns far more than any sort of physical problems. The vet must always be your first port of call when you suspect that there is anything amiss with your horse. Although Tara had asked me to come along to help Red with his Sarcoids it was clear that he’d had a hard life and whether or not there was an improvement in the Sarcoids he would definitely benefit from the emotional release that Reiki would provide.

Red is a 16hh. TB. He is a nice looking chestnut gelding. Tara told me what she knew of his history. As a youngster he had been raced. She had bought him from the meat man and when she got him home he tried to kill her. She had spent many hours with him, gaining his trust and settling him down. He was still a bit unpredictable but had improved immensely. She had ridden him from time to time but had felt that his back was that not great and just lately the Sarcoids in the girth area were so big that it was causing a problem with the tack. It was her dream to be able to ride him again and do some more serious work.
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This is one of the most bizarre cases I have treated, not because of the symptoms being exhibited but the eventual release point for the healing to be fully initiated.
Isabelle is a beautiful TB/Irish Cob of approx. 15.3hh. She is about 9 years old and had been bought from a dealer about 2 years ago. At first she was a very sweet and easy to handle mare. Since being with her present owner there had been a couple of incidents in the field where she had been bullied by another horse. Last summer she had completely "lost it" and the vet diagnosed that in horse terms she had suffered a nervous breakdown. With the aid of sedatives and other medication she had made a partial recovery but was still left with some quite serious behavioural disturbances.
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Rufus is a 7-year-old thoroughbred type gelding, 16hh. He has been with his current owner for the last 3 years and bought in from a dealer, originally he was going to be brought on and sold but things did not turn out quite like that. He had previously been a case study for the use of calming herbs. Although they had been of some benefit it was not sufficient for the owner to feel that they were worth continuing.
The main problems were: -
1. A very tender back especially in the croup. He would flinch even as a hand was brushed across it or fingers run down the side of the spine.
2. Very difficult to stop between jumps. Well known on the circuit for being a horse no one would dare ride.
3. Head shaking.
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6 year old Arab Racing Mare. I was asked to help by a very experienced Arab Racehorse Trainer. He had recently been sent the mare for race training but was unhappy with her behaviour and wanted her to have more reserves of weight for the hard work ahead but she was too wound up to eat except at night. She was cold-backed and was too tizzy to cope with slow work. As an interim he had decided to do only lunge work in the hope of her calming down and not losing any more weight.
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7-year-old, Welsh Section D pony
The main problems that he required help with were; -
1) Behaviour at shows- Described as a ticking bomb
2) Aggression towards other horses in the field and while passing his box
3) Dislike of strange people around him
4) Nipping – very colty
5) Sweet Itch.
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7–year-old chestnut mare of hunter type.
1)Cold back when the saddle was put on
2)Left hind leg not being brought through adequately.
3)Miserable moods, greeting her owner with ears flat back in the morning.
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