Case Study - Lizzy

A 6 year old Arab Racing Mare. I was asked to help by a very experienced Arab Racehorse Trainer. He had recently been sent the mare for race training but was unhappy with her behaviour and wanted her to have more reserves of weight for the hard work ahead but she was too wound up to eat except at night. She was cold-backed and was too tizzy to cope with slow work. As an interim he had decided to do only lunge work in the hope of her calming down and not losing any more weight.

When treated, most of the energy was taken through her back between the withers and croup. Some was taken through the poll and forehead and through the loins, heart/lung and stomach areas. At this point it is appropriate to explain that if the energy in a given area is in balance then there will simply be no draw.

A week after this first visit the trainer’s first comment was that she was only “Losing it” 5% of the time instead of 95%. She was also eating better through the day and was accepting encouragement to come more quickly down form trot to walk. The cold back had also largely resolved itself.

I returned a fortnight after the first visit to do a second treatment. This time she needed far less energy through her back but some in the dock area this could be related to the reproductive area. Again I treated the lions and stomach area but the general pattern was much more balanced.

Conclusion. It would not be expected to find the energy disturbance related to a behavioural problem lodged only around the head area. In Lizzy’s case the symptoms of a cold back etc. would indicate that in the past she may have been traumatised by an inappropriate training regime and memory of that would have been held in the tissues of the saddle area as well as in the energy field. Being a highly strung sort to start with and possibly added to by a “get fit quick program” the trauma was around being ridden. Lengthy and patient re-schooling may well eventually have overcome the problem but this way the energy pattern holding the behaviour was dissolved removing the fear and upset of previous bad experience. This will enable the trainer to start again with a clean sheet - so to speak.

Lizzy is now training well and it is hope that she will be raced in due course.

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Updated: October 2005.