Case Study – Red’s Sarcoids

When treating horses I am normally asked to help sort out strange behaviour patterns far more than any sort of physical problems. The vet must always be your first port of call when you suspect that there is anything amiss with your horse. Although Tara had asked me to come along to help Red with his Sarcoids it was clear that he’d had a hard life and whether or not there was an improvement in the Sarcoids he would definitely benefit from the emotional release that Reiki would provide.

Red is a 16hh. TB. He is a nice looking chestnut gelding. Tara told me what she knew of his history. As a youngster he had been raced. She had bought him from the meat man and when she got him home he tried to kill her. She had spent many hours with him, gaining his trust and settling him down. He was still a bit unpredictable but had improved immensely. She had ridden him from time to time but had felt that his back was that not great and just lately the Sarcoids in the girth area were so big that it was causing a problem with the tack. It was her dream to be able to ride him again and do some more serious work.

I spent quite a lot of time with Red, there was a lot of congested energy in the sacra-iliac area and this in turn was impacting on the shoulders. Even seemingly innocuous falls can, after a period of time cause a great deal of constriction in movement. The sooner they are treated the better but even long-standing still respond very well once the blocked energy is released. Once the energy had released I moved on to the Chakras. He would not let me into his heart. This is very common in horses that have been mistreated in the past; it is a defence mechanism. It is important that the horse is not forced into dealing with things that they are not ready to, it is as bad as any other form of abuse. We must work in harmony with them and not force them to do our will. If we remember that horses normally want to please us, if they point blank refuse there is normally a very good reason. Red will probably be willing to deal with the block on the heart Chakra in the near future and that is when I will be able to help him. I turned my attention to the Sarcoids and got a very good response.

Red worked very hard that day and I felt he had achieved a great deal. I told Tara to play it by ear as far as any work was concerned, sometimes horses can be very tired for a few days after healing as the body uses all available energy in healing itself and there is none left for less important things. Other times they can be very energised and want to get straight back to work.

The Follow-up

A little over a month after I saw Red I received a very excited phone-call from Tara and the following e-mails.

To Alison, you came to treat my 16.2h TB gelding about 5 weeks ago. You asked me to keep you informed of any changes.

Well Red as I told you was a scatty TB but seemed very laid back days after you treated him. He was so laid back that when I decide to move my horse back to an old yard a good 30 minute walk away across woodlands and along main road. I would never have dreamed of doing this in just a head collar. Well we did and he was as good as gold.

It gets better, the drops you gave me for his water I did as you said. After a two weeks I had noticed the little ulcerated Sarcoid next to the very large one under his armpit had gone flat. To my dismay the large one next to it had started to ulcerate. Knowing that things get worse before they get better I carried on with his drops. Reading an article in a Magazine it said that any change in Sarcoids with treatment should have a week break. So I went on holiday and told my mate to leave the drops. When I came home, I had a very worried friend, as the large Sarcoid looked terrible. A scab on the end like I`d never seen. I gave Red 10 days off his drops. I started him back on them believing this treatment would work. To my delight Reds very large Sarcoid is now falling off. But whats amazing is the smaller ones are disappearing too. I have got areas that were scabby now with hair growing back.

So Alison, the friendly voice that day at the end of the telephone who said she had never been asked to treat Sarcoids before. Well youre magic, Red and I both think so.

This is a horse that was bought from the meat man from a market, who tried to kill me at first but he was given a chance. You have helped make our dreams come true.

Many, many Thanks Tara & Red xxx

Alison, The big Sarcoid fell off yesterday (Friday) it looked like a big whole with a large edge round it, a bit like a crater. Today it looks very dry and like its trying to close up. Brilliant isnt it.


By removing the stress of old emotional traumas, Reds immune system was able to become fully functional and recognise the wart virus that causes warts. It began to attack it and thereby kill off the Sarcoids. The renewed energy flow that is in the sacral area has allowed greater flexibility and freedom of movement. If he feels free he will be less stressed. His body has healed itself as it should do.

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Updated: October 2005.