Shiatsu For Horses

with Nick Goody, Shiatsu for Horses Practitioner

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese bodywork therapy based on pressure and stretches and in this set of newsletters, we will feature specific meridians (the same lines that acupuncture would use, except with Shiatsu you use your thumbs and fingers) and explain how you can stimulate various parts of the body. Please note that shiatsu is not a replacement treatment to veterinary care. Your vet is your first port of call and should always be consulted first if you have any doubts about your horse's health.

In Japanese shi means “finger” and atsu means “pressure”. Literally translated, Shiatsu means finger pressure - a pressure that gently stimulates the body’s natural healing ability.

In Shiatsu there are twelve meridians each of which can have a powerful effect on balancing your horse’s health.

The Horses Back and the Bladder Meridian.

The Kidney Meridian

The Lung Meridian

The Stomach Meridian

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Updated: October 2005.