Artificial Insemination

Have you considered using AI in your breeding program?

For serious breeders, who are thinking ahead and looking to improve the stock they produce, AI is the obvious answer. The technique of AI and transport of chilled semen allows owners to get round problems which might otherwise prevent their mares or bitches from being used for breeding.

What is AI? An introduction to Artificial Insemination
Does AI work? The success of chilled semen sent from the UK to the USA
What is the Frozen Semen Option? The Frozen Semen Option
How can AI help me?
A mare owner's view of AI
Do I need to consult a Vet? The importance of a Good Veterinarian
Where do I start? Breeding Pointers for Mare Owners

The Artificial Insemination section is kindly supported by the AI Centre
The AI Centre has Ministry of Agriculture approved Stallion Quarantine and Semen Collection Centres throughout the UK offering stallion owners a complete semen collection, evaluation and freezing service. Advice and assistance can be given to those wishing to provide chilled semen from their stallions, to those who wish to have semen frozen and also mare owners who wish to use AI. To learn more please click here

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