Equine Dentistry

In the wild, when an animals's teeth wear out, it dies. Modern equine dentistry can significantly extend the useful lifetime of your horse's teeth as well as enhance his comfort and your safety under the artificial condition of bitting. The following series of articles will help expand your knowledge and understanding of equine dentistry.

A unique natural design

How do horses chew?

What happens in your barn and why you need equine dentistry

Does your horse need to visit an equine dentist?

Frequently asked questions

The Dental Clinic

The information and illustrations in this section are kindly provided by the Canadian Equine Dental Consultants and the American Equine Dental Consultants. For further information please visit their website - click here
Canadian Equine Dental Consultants
American Equine Dental Consultants
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Website: www.equinedental.com

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