How is equine research money distributed in Ontario?

This year 22 projects are funded costing $1,438,000

There has been a major collaboration afoot over the past year-and-a-half aimed at bringing together Ontario’s equine research funding bodies. This streamlining will provide a more cost efficient and effective approach to selecting projects and distributing

As a result of this collaboration the Equine Research Centre Research Committee has been formed comprised of the major funding groups:
• Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association – (2)
• Ontario Racing Commission – (1)
• E.P. Taylor Equine Research Fund – (2)
• Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural
Affairs and University of Guelph – (2)
• Chairperson

A Scientific Review Sub-Committee will review and rank the proposals for scientific merit, and the Research Committee of the Centre will select the projects and recommend them to the funding groups. The Centre will also, in cooperation with the Equine Program
Coordinator for the University, manage the projects for this segment of the research program.

The Equine Research Centre (Guelph) Inc. is a charitable organization created to be a two-way link between academia and the industry. It directs industry funds for research, and delivers information generated from research projects to the industry. The Centre
continues to work to find matching funds and leverage industry research money to obtain the best value for the dollar on a research project.

Project summaries and our business strategy for 2002 can be found at

The Equine Research Centre opened its doors during College Royal to droves of visitors who came to see a display of various breeds, treadmill demos and a stallion being collected. The industry participated with displays from Horseback Adventures, the Standardbred Adoption Agency, Nutraceutical Alliance, and OCTRA. Visit our Cyber News section at for this news and more.

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