Some recent postings on the website include our new home page; a summary of research in 2001 funded by the Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association; and a summary of 22 projects funded in 2002. Also look for current information on West Nile Virus, a seasonal fact sheet, and our new link to interesting cases and conditions at the Large Animal Clinic in Guelph. Also watch the web site for upcoming fall events.

November 3rd is the date of the annual “Day at the Races” fundraiser for equine research.
This popular event has been running for over ten years. The silent auction remains a big attraction, as does the huge gourmet buffet and, of course, the brave performances of the
racehorse. For tickets or to make a donation to the silent auction please call Laura at (519) 837-0061 or email: info@erc.on.ca.

A in-depth one-day conference, followed by a halfday golf tournament with racing personalities, is targeting harness racing enthusiasts who are seeking information on how to become more involved in the sport. The tournament portion of this event will be donated to the Equine Research Centre. For more information contact Links Meeting Inc. at (416) 888-8023, or visit Fundraising on our website.

The Nutraceutical Alliance (NA) hosted its third annual symposium in May with an excellent array of speakers addressing topics ranging from hard science to social and political issues surrounding the growing trend in natural health products for animals. The Equine Research Centre encourages consumers to ask for product research. Watch our web site to learn about critical evaluation of research results.
Dr. Mark Hurtig of Clinical Studies at the University of Guelph is part of a team of researchers working in the Arthritis Network. Dr. Hurtig presented current research on the efficacy of MSM as a feed additive for performance horses at the NA Symposium in May. Dr. Hurtig also brought his message to a group of thoroughbred horse men and women as part of the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association’s seminar series.


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