What is new at the ERC?

The news is out, we have spent the last year collaborating resources with the University of Guelph to result in a combined research approach that will better benefit horses and horse owners.

What does this mean for the average horse owner?

• A greater pool of knowledge and expertise for investigating health and performance issues in the equine world.
• New certificate-level web based courses are being developed.
• Travelling speakers’ bureau is prepared to offer lectures on a wide variety of horse health topics.
• A communications portal to the industry, relaying you the newest, up-to-date information regarding horse health and research topics.
• A completely revamped ERC website www.erc.on.ca that includes all research results and information from not only the ERC, but also the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), the University of Guelph, and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).

The official signing of the memorandum of agreement by University President Mordechai Rozanski and the Chairman of the ERC Board of Directors Bruce Lloyd took place on June 26, 2001. "As they say in the horse game, now that we are working together, drive on!" said Bruce Lloyd.


CanAdapt Funding Approved for on-line equine science courses Equine enthusiasts wanting to learn more about their favourite animal will be able to launch into the cyberspace of learning opportunities. The Equine Research Centre along with the Office of Open Learning at the University of Guelph are pleased to announce that funding has been received from CanAdapt to help in the creation of five web-based modules in equine science. This series of courses will cover many of the basics to help horseowners and employers develop better care and management of their horses. Up-to-date research findings from equine researchers at The University of Guelph, The Equine Research Centre and other research facilities world-wide will be incorporated into the curriculum.


The 2nd Annual Nutrition Conference will feature speakers Dr. Laurie Lawrence of the University of Kentucky; Dr. Harold Hintz of Cornell University; Dr. John Burton, Dr. Physick-Sheard, Dr. Henry Staempfli, and Dr. Mark Hurtig of the University of Guelph; and the ERC’s own nutrition researcher Shannon Pratt. Visit www.erc.on.ca for more information or you can register through the Office of Open Learning at Guelph (519) 767-5000 or email: rpetrong@open.uoguelph.ca

It is that time of year again, when horse lovers unite for a fun afternoon of dining, thoroughbred racing, and an exciting live and silent auction all in support of the ERC’s research, education, and communication initiatives. For more information on sponsorship opportunities and to reserve your seat, contact Heather at the ERC (519) 837-0061 or email: hafergus@uoguelph.ca.

The ERC will be hosting a three-day reproduction workshop to continue to respond to new challenges for equine breeders. These workshops will address the issues, procedures and practices related to collecting, transporting, and freezing semen, and inseminating mares. The workshops are designed to be practical, in-depth and hands-on. To reserve your space, contact Debra Ottier at the ERC. Tel: (519) 837-0061 or email: dottier@uoguelph.ca.

Don't forget to visit "Fact Sheets" in the Education section at www.erc.on.ca.

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Updated: October 2005.