On-Line Learning

The Equine Research Centre and University of Guelph are proud announce the latest in a series of on-line courses for the horse industry: Equine Nutrition. Leveraging the broad access of the world wide web, the course is an in-depth study of horse digestion and nutrition requirements, as well as practical recommendations for balancing your horse's ration. Advantages of on-line learning include automatically tabulated test and quiz results, researched links, and access to experts and other students.

A certificate of completion is issued to students who earn a grade average of at least 70%. To find out more, or to enroll contact the Equine Research Centre at (519) 837-0061 or email sepratt@uoguelph.ca.

To find out about other learning tools for the horse industry available from the ERC, including videos, CD-Roms and correspondence courses visit www.erc.on.ca.

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Updated: October 2005.