Equine Research Centre studies stall flooring system - Paddock Mat® Stall Flooring System for the horse stable

Equine Research Centre (Guelph) Inc., Guelph, Ontario, Canada, March 22, 2001: The Equine Research Centre (ERC) announced today that it has completed research showing that Paddock Mat®, a unique stall flooring system, has a very positive impact on air quality and stall management in the stable.

Research results show that while using the Paddock Mat® system with shavings, as compared to asphalt flooring with shavings, dust particle numbers present in the Paddock Mat® stall were significantly lower (see figure).Less bedding was needed to both start and maintain the stalls when using Paddock Mat®.Despite the reduced amount of bedding used, similar low levels of ammonia were detected with Paddock Mat® and asphalt flooring.The resting behaviour of the horses remained the same with both flooring systems.Data on the resting behaviour gathered through close video observation of the horses in the study showed that this behaviour remained unchanged on either flooring material, despite the reduced amount of bedding used with the Paddock Mat®.

"Respiratory health of horses is influenced by the quality of air they breathe.Choices in bedding materials and flooring systems greatly impact air quality in the stable.The results of our research show that the Paddock Mat® system helps to maintain a high level of air quality, while minimising labour," said Susan Raymond, Research Associate at the ERC.

"The flooring system provided enough comfort and protection on its own that the average bedding depth was not needed.Bedding was used solely to soak up urine.I feel that the Paddock Mat® system is suitable for every horse," added Wendy Driscoll, Research Facility Manager at the ERC.

The Equine Research Centre (Guelph) Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to improving the health of all horses through research and education. In response to the horse sport industry directives, the ERC currently focuses its research on respiratory health, reproduction, nutrition and colic prevention, orthopaedics, nuclear medicine as well as nutraceuticals and medicinal herbs. All ERC research is minimally-invasive.

Promat Ltd. is based in Seaforth, Ontario, Canada and has gained its animal comfort expertise through the dairy cow industry.Promat Ltd. is the inventor and manufacturer of the well-known Pasture Mat® for dairy cows.Promat Ltd. is currently looking for dealers to carry the Paddock Mat® stall flooring products.

For further information, please contact:

Susan Raymond, Research Associate
The Equine Research Centre (Guelph) Inc.
(519) 837-0061
email: slraymon@uoguelph.ca


For further product information, please contact:

Glenn Hines or Nancy Hines
Promat Ltd.
(519) 527-2284
email: hines07@attglobal.net

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