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Photography by Fabio Crespo

Horses in nature groom themselves and each other, with their teeth, by rolling, scratching on branches and other objects. So it is no surprise that when removed from their natural habitat, they need to be groomed.

This physical interaction between horse and rider is a good one where the riders will feel the horse, learn to understand their behaviour and if done well both parties in the activity become physically fitter. Grooming also allows you to check for any cuts or swellings the horse which may require attention. One of the most important, but often forgotten bonuses of spending time grooming your horse is that it gives you the opportunity to become friends.

The following pages will lead you through a basic daily grooming process.

Mane & Tail
Eyes, Nose & Dock
Plaiting Manes
Plaiting Tails
Fancy techniques
Pulling Manes & Tails
Trimming Feathers
Types of Clip
How to Clip
Sheath Cleaning

& Much More


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