Equine Shiatsu
Equine - means pertaining to the horse.
Shiatsu - means finger pressure.

Equine Shiatsu refers to finger pressure pertaining to the horse. Shiatsu is a form of Oriental Medicine. It is often referred to as a form of acupressure. Shiatsu is a kind, gentle and effective therapy using gentle finger pressure. No mechanical devices, force or needles are used. It is a technique used to reestablish the flow of Ki energy along the merdian pathways. For those of you not familiar with Ki energy, it is the life sustaining energy force found within the body. It nourishes cells, muscles, joints, limbs, etc. It governs cellular activity. Ki energy flows along pathways called meridians.

Each meridian nourishes and is named after a particular organ. The merdian serves and nourishes the specific organ and also the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, cells, etc. located on or near the meridian.

A healthy flow of ki energy along the meridians is necessary to maintain the function of the anatomy (such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints) located along the meridian. It has healing power. Reestablishing a disrupted flow of ki energy will help with proper healing from injuries.

A horse may need to have his ki energy reestablished along a particular meridian. However, the physical signs pointing out the need for such may not be noticeable to many horseowners or their caretakers.

The Bladder Meridian is a very significant meridian pertaining to the horse. Many horses need to have their ki energy flow reestablished on this particular meridian. Yet as silly as it sounds an owner or caretaker may not accept this. Some can not understand why the bladder meridian would need to have work done on it when their horse has no problem urinating.

What horsemen and horsewomen need to understand is the importance of the bladder meridian to the horses back muscles, hindquarters, hindlegs, pasterns, etc.

It is the largest meridian found on the horse. It starts on the face and runs all the way back to the hindquarters ending on the coronary band. Like all meridians there is one located on each side of the horse. (It also has an additional branch found below the main branch.)

It also helps to maintain the flow of ki energy through the poll and neck area. It is perhaps the most useful meridian on the horse. Reestablishing a proper flow of ki energy on the bladder meridian can help alleviate many problems. Maintaining a proper flow of ki energy will help to maintain soundness and proper movement.

The bladder meridian is paired with the kidney meridian.

NOTE: Shiatsu techniques do not replace the valued skill and knowledge of your veterinarian. Courtesy of Kristina Fritz
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