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If your horse suffers from Mud Fever or Rain Rot (rain scald, scratches, cracked heels), you must try Equinat Aromaheel - an AMAZING natural ointment, with proven results.
Aromaheel has also been awarded Equiworld's 'Mr Ned's Seal of Approval':- "it was highly effective in clearing up a persistent problem that had been previously treated to no effect with various other medicated creams and ointment"
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Aromaheel is an aromatherapy ointment specifically developed for cracked heels and mud fever using the extraordinary antiseptic and antibacterial properties of essential oils. This entirely natural product contains our unique blend of five of the highest quality pure essential oils including the renowned Tea Tree, in a natural protective barrier against wet and mud.
Equinat products are aromatherapy products specially designed for the effective treatment of common equine problems. They are entirely natural and therefore, safely provide a natural environment for the rapid healing and regrowth of your horses skin. They are proven to work and are cost effective. We supply Equinat products directly worldwide, or in the UK they may also be purchased through your local tack shop or saddlery.
Equinat Aromaheel was tested by Dawn Cameron and Barnaby. Dawn has an HNC in Horse Management and is currently working for her BHS Stage 2 exam. Barnaby is 16hh 6 year old ID cross bay gelding who lives at Hayfield Riding Centre. He can be quite strong, but is very popular with the more advanced riders.

Dawn's comments:

This product is easy to use, you simply wash the affected area and dry thoroughly and then apply Aromaheel to the affected area once or twice a day. I carried my test out on Barnaby who has cracked heels on both hind heels so I applied the ointment only to one of his heels so that I could see if the product worked.

When I started using Aromaheel the affected area was the size of a fifty pence, which looked bald and scabby and was tender to touch. By the third day of applying Aromaheel the area was less tender to the touch and appeared cleaner.

By the time I had been using Aromaheel for 10 days, the affected area had decreased to the size of a five pence coin. The heel which was not receiving treatment had not changed appearance in any way.

In conclusion, I found that the treatment although the treatment did not take effect overnight it was highly effective in clearing up a persistent problem that had been previously treated to no effect with various other medicated creams and ointments. I would highly recommend this product and think that it will be very useful for horses with cracked heels or mud fever. Aromaheel is easy to use and is available at most suppliers and at

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Updated: October 2005.