Learn the Secret of Low Cost Advertising for Your Horse Business

As a ezine publisher I have discovered several methods to target"The Horse Industry" market.
Through trial and error this is what I have come up with. It worked for me and I know it will work for you too!

Ezines or newsletters are simply- electronic newsletters delivered by email. Chances are you've subscribed to a ton of them yourself. They're quick info blasts usually containing articles or some other relevant information pertaining to the subject of the email. For instance, if you're interested in homeopathic remedies you might subscribe yourself to a Homeopathy ezine or a free newsletter offered by one of the thousands of Homeopathy sites online.

Ezines purpose is? For the reader, it gives them information relevant to their interests. In our
case that would be The Horse Industry. For the company, it builds an opt-in base of potential
customers who are interested in what they have to say.

Ezines or newsletters are a great way to get the word out about your interests, business or
products which you want to share or sell with others.. Why are they so great?
Because they went out of their own way to subscribe themselves to a particular ezine. They
actually eagerly await each issue. Now imagine what they could mean if they saw your message or advertisement.

So here's what I did...and you can do it too!

First I compiled a list of ways I could advertise in a particular ezine. Methods such as:

- Placing a classified or sponsorship ad in a newsletter:

I discovered many ways to advertise (Free in some cases) or very inexpensively in others using text ads in relevant ezines. This was the perfect way to reach my targeted audience and test my ads to see how good each one pulled in potential customers, without spending a fortune.

- Promoting using solo advertisements

This, by far, has to be the best paid advertising I have ever done. I found that a lot of my
targeted customers were subscribed to ezines that would allow me to run a full-page sponsorship advertisement introducing my own products. My response was phenomenal. I could get as many as 700 or more unique or targeted visitors and at least 15-20 orders a visit with some of the bigger lists. If I sold a $40 product and the ad cost me $100, I made at least $400 each time. What's more, once I used the ad and got such a tremendous response I knew the ad was a winner and I could use it over and over.

- Ad swaps:

This is a great way if you are on a tight budget. I simply wrote to several ezine publishers and requested an ad swap, my ad for their ad. This was terrific and I received a great response. Who wouldn't want free advertising with their targeted audience! This way I could reach allot more potential targeted customers and it is totally FREE advertising.

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