Those who know nothing of horses are taken by their grace and the expression of freedom in their movement. Where poets write of it and artists try to hold it on canvas, the dressage rider tries to recreate it, in living form. From the moment a rider sits on the back of a horse much of that fine balance in movement is lost. To regain it, horse and rider must follow an understood programme of training and development, often over years, in order to establish a new balance.
Once established, a new grace will be found, most similar, but never quite the same as when the horse was free of burden. Luckily the ways of doing this are well known and there is a heritage of hundreds of years of experience to be drawn from. The works of the revered masters of the past have been well documented, the skills have been taught and handed down generation by generation to this day for us to draw from.

Dressage is today, probably as popular as at any time in history, and there seems to be an upsurge of interest in dressage and classical riding throughout the world.

What is Dressage?

Appreciating the Journey of Dressage

The Dressage Arena

Everything you wanted to know about Dressage to Music

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