Horse Ball


Horse-Ball is a cross between rugby and basketball played on Horseback.

HorseBall is a young sport born in France 20 years ago. Now there are National Leagues in many countries and a European HorseBall championship.

Horse ball is a exciting new sport for all horse and pony riders. It is a National leagues in several other European countries. It is an all action sport which at the top level is played mainly at canter or gallop, with fast exciting passes and tackles.

What do you need to play HorseBall?

 Horse back riding because if you want to play at a good level, you must be at one with your horse. You need to train for it, you must be at the best level because your horse will play with you during the 20 mins.. At top level the game is played mostly at canter or gallop, with quick ball passing and dramatic shooting and tackling. HorseBall makes a really great show because the horses gallop very quickly during a large part of the time  

- Basket ball because you need to exchange the ball 3 times with a different player from your team to have the right to shoot. Basket ball also because you have to shoot in a circle. The difference is that the circle, the goal is vertical.

- Rugby or American football because you have the right to make contacts. The contact must be under a angle of 45°, this rule permits you for example, to push another player out of the field. You have to catch the ball, so if you want you can push him, although only if he has the ball of course.

The game is played on a field of 60 to 70 meters long and 25 to 30 meters large. You have 4 players on the field by teams. So 8 horses on the field... It's enough to make a lot of dust fly! The ball is a junior size football with a harness to which are attached six handles for picking up and throwing the ball. The belly strap passes under the horse linking the stirrups to enable pickups and tackles to be made.


Try HorseBall and have fun!

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Pictures kindly provided by Jérôme Duranteau

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