Mounted Games

 Mounted Games were first developed in India and were played by adults. They were known as "Gymkhana" games. The most popular was tent pegging which was a popular pastime among the British Army and to this day they still use it in demonstrations, although the Army now use horses rather than camels and mules.

When the army returned to Britain they brought the idea of the games back with them. The games proved so popular that they still continue to this day.
When talking of Mounted Games most people think of Pony Club and the Prince Philip Cup a major competition involving riders under the age of 15 battling it out over a series of heats to eventually take a place at Wembley and compete for the most wanted cup of all. The cup was first presented in the 1957 by HRH Prince Philip to promote sport among youngsters.

Mounted Games grew from Pony Club Games, but there is a now definite distinction between the two, with different games and different rules.

Originally there was an upper age limit of 18 years for Mounted Games competitors, but this has now been abolished and riders of all ages can enjoy the sport.

The governing body of the sport is the International Mounted Games Committee. In Britain the sport is represented by the Mounted Games Association of Great Britain and similar organisations exist in every participating country. Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden and USA are all equally represented on the Committee. Each of these countries are eligible to compete in International Mounted Games competitions. However, from 2000, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will form their own teams for international competitions.


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