The Young Scotland Polo Team 2000

An idea hatched one wet and cold weekend in Perthshire last year to form a Young Scotland team became reality on 11th July, 2000 when they played their first challenge match at the recently re-launched Rugby Polo Club against a home team. It was with much anticipation that we saw the four Scots players lining up against a team equally determined to uphold the new honours at stake and the match was played on a ground that reflected the enormous commitment and hard work that had gone into it.

Lefy to Right: Alastair Lamb, Philip Baker, Christopher Crawford and David Baker

Young Scotland were wearing the Scottish Rugby Union shirts emblazoned with the thistle and The Famous Grouse - by kind permission of both - whereas their opponents wore pure white in honour of Rugby School's traditional right on the rugger field to wear white over all other rugby teams in the world.

In spite of not having had the opportunity to play together before, because of the recent bad weather, the Young Scotland team fell easily into their positions and seemed to have great confidence in each other's supporting play. Peter Crawford, playing off 1 goal, led the team with James Neary, Christopher Crawford (no relation) and Alastair Lamb all on 0 goal. Philip Baker (1 goal) was the Rugby Polo Club team captain with Charlie Spicer (1 goal), Timmy Spicer (0 goal) and David Baker (-1 goal).

Charles Fraser writes:

"Scotland got off to a good start scoring 3 goals in the first chukka. A fight back by England in the second chukka managed to contain the Scots to just a single goal while England scored a goal through Philip Baker. Half time 4-1.

Scotland were well into their stride during the third chukka and some excellent team work throughout stretched their lead to 7-1. England tried valiantly to retaliate and had some good attacks but ultimately did not find the goal posts and thus the final score line of 11-1 (Scotland scoring another 4 goals in the 4th chukka) did not necessarily reflect the true quality of play"

It is hoped that they will be able to compete together in New Zealand when three out of four of them will be over there for the winter. Rebecca Douglas, who is the reserve and will also be over in New Zealand, will be taking the place of Alastair Lamb who will be in Edinburgh continuing with his medical studies.

The Young Scotland team are indebted to the HPA, The Famous Grouse and Fenwicks of Perth for their contribution and support of the team.


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