Safety First . . .The Frank Bell Training Philosophy

The results of Frank Bell's training philosophy are showing up in riding programs and stables throughout the world. His success in curing the most difficult problems and giving riders a game-plan and a distinct place to start with all horses, has brought him wide acclaim and a rapidly-growing following

Every successful horse training experience can be interpreted in terms of "relationship". And as with a first date, things can go terribly wrong when meeting up with a horse for the first time. Taking it slow, spending the time to develop trust and comfort in the relationship is good advice for first dates and everyone's first meeting with a horse.

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Frank Bell's company Dances with Horses offers a variety of products to help horse owners of every discipline in their quest to become better communicators.

"Dances With Horses has assembled an extensive Video and Audio library to help horse owners on all levels become better communicators: 'Discover the Horse You Never Knew' - Frank's Foundation Video detailing his 7-Step-Safety-System, Communication in the Saddle, Spooking/Shying, Trailer Loading, Solving 7 Common Horse Problems, Mounting the Difficult Horse AND Problem Foot Handling, Water and Bridge Crossing, Working with Young Horses, Starting the Young Horse, Retraining the Racehorse, A Day in the Life of a Horsewhisperer, AND audio book- The Gentle Solution- 7 Steps to the Horse You Always Wanted.
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